This year, there was only a People's choice award handed out, a result of voting by people who dropped by the
booth.Photos below are all 1024 x 768.  All models are 1/12 scale unless noted.

A special thanks this year to:
- Dave Bailey of Peel Scale Modellers
- Peter Downes of Peel Scale Modellers

                            PEOPLE'S CHOICE - First Place - Triumph Tiger by Peter Downes  (1/8 scale)

                            PEOPLE'S CHOICE - Second Place - BMW R69 by Evan Jones

                            PEOPLE'S CHOICE - Third Place - Bat Pod by Evan Jones (1/25 scale)

                            PEOPLE'S CHOICE - Fourth Place - 'Rat Kat' Suzuki Katana by Evan Jones

                            PEOPLE'S CHOICE - Fifth Place - Ducati 900 by Peter Downes (1/9 scale)

                            PEOPLE'S CHOICE - Sixth Place - Suzuki New Katana by Evan Jones

                            PEOPLE'S CHOICE - Seventh Place - Trike by Peter Downes

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